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Hobbiton Movie Set Tours


New Zealand has become synonymous with the Middle-earth of JRR Tolkien's famous books since the release of the blockbuster Lord of the Rings film trilogy, directed by New Zealander Sir Peter Jackson. Scattered around New Zealand are spots that were transformed into sets for the three movies and the subsequent Hobbit sequels. One of the most famous was that of The Shire, home to the plucky hobbits, and while filming has finished, today you can still visit The Shire and see where the movie magic was created.

Tucked away on picturesque private farmland near the small town of Matamata in the North Island's Waikato region is the Hobbiton Movie Set, which draws visitors from around the world for guided Hobbiton tours to see the famous Hobbit holes, along with the Mill and The Green Dragon and other sights you'll recognise from the films.

Hobbiton Movie Set Tours depart daily from Auckland and Rotorua with optional tours to Waitomo Caves.